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Is it Nobby Beach, Nobby’s Beach, “the Nobbies” or Nobbys.

Unlike it’s southern namesake, in Newcastle, Nobbys Beach, named after Nobbys Headland located on the southern entrance to Newcastle Harbour, Nobby’s Beach, or Nobby Beach on the Gold Coast is regularly misspelt and perhaps a better understanding as to how the beach got its name will only add to the confusion.

Now I should start by saying, I am the last person to be giving anyone any advice or education on punctuation. When I first submitted my book for editing, my wife said it read somewhat like an extended text message. But I’ll do my best, so here goes.

The section of the Gold Coast coastline, between Miami surf lifesaving Club and Mermaid Beach surf lifesaving club, is known as Nobby Beach or is it Nobby’s Beach. Despite the areas actual postal address describing it as Mermaid beach, Nobby’s Beach or Nobby Beach is home to Nobby’s Beach Surf Lifesaving Club, and an increasing section of niche retailers, coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

So how did it get its name and is it Nobby Beach or Nobby’s Beach. If it’s Nobby’s Beach, who was Nobby? And why was this their beach?

A local Tallebudgera grazier, Frederick Fowler more than a century ago owned a large bullock named Nobby. Now the fact that he was a bullock is very important to note, because a bullock is of course a Bull, minus a pair of testicles. This will become more relevant later.

Around 1880, Nobby went walkabout from the lush Tallebudgera grazing area in search perhaps of better grass lands, more cows, more waves, a sea change, who knows? But he was later found, sometime later in fact, in the now Miami area. Now a Bull, likes to be in the top paddock, not because it is at all elevated, but because it has the best grass to feed on. In fact, it could be said, such is their appetitive for food and eating and their enormous size, and short stumpy legs, that in fact a Bull is not a fan of climbing to any sort of elevation at all. But Nobby, a bullock, and a good two stone lighter than his Bull counterpart had no issue with ascending to the top of what is now Miami Hill.

It was here, atop of Miami Hill where he was regularly sighted overlooking what is now the Miami and Nobby Beach Stretch, checking out the banks, getting a feel for the winds, and no doubt waiting for the whales to come past.

Because people were sighting Nobby regularly for a period, on the hill over looking the beach, and at times he was seen walking on the sand, it affectionately became known as his beach, Nobby’s Beach.

So given that, it only makes sense that the area be called Nobby’s Beach. But it’s not. The actual name for the area is Nobby Beach.

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