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Why did I write the Book?

The writing of the book came about after the Australian of the Year journey in 2020. Suddenly being thrust in to somewhat of the publics eye and also appearing on television meant an enormous amount of people were asking what the Albatross Nippers was, how it came about, what it looks like and ultimately, why I put it together.

So I set about writing down some standard responses to a large amount of these questions I was being asked and that people wanted to know about. But that then further spread into advice on whether a particular area, club or individual could replicate the program, how they could do it where they lived and what were the steps to making it a success.

Further to this I was approached by some interested parties to write down the journey and develop it into a book. Showcasing surf lifesaving and in particular the colourful but sometimes tragic past of Nobbys Surf Club. Mixed with the latest health and wellbeing statistics the book hopefully gives insight in to how we can help to reduce the health gap that exists between someone living with a disability compared to someone who is not. It also hopefully highlights that I’m nothing special and that you don’t have to have a PhD to change the community where you live.

So I do hope you all enjoy the book, the stories and the journey that I’ve been on. It’s no ‘Pulitzer’ Prize winning piece of literature, but I hope you walk away inspired to put something together in your local area to become a closer more engaged community.

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